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theDeck Project


This project started as a single experiment in a weekly series of experiments (doodles, self portraits, photography). My co-creator and I soon realized the possibility for this project to grow. We decided we needed a site that would showcase an increasing number of cards (organized into decks). The site would also require a database back-end to keep all the archived cards and the new submissions in line. The design of the site would have to be simple and clean in order to emphasize the various card designs.


We split the work for the site down the middle. I created four different logos to parallel the dynamic nature and to hint at the mission of the project (to rework and redesign standard playing cards). The interface of the site was designed to be overshadowed by the cards; it evolved to be as subdued and simple as possible. My co-creator wrote the back-end MYSQL database to store the user submitted data and URLs for each card. They converted the html page designs into PHP so they would display random cards on the home page, and rotate between the four logos.

Visit the site: pop up

TheDeck Screen Shot

Visit the site: pop up