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While every project requires some redefinition of the creative process, some elements remain constant. We try to share with our clients the process we go through before and during the development of their work.

The 6 Phases of Development

Phase 1: Definition of the project
This is the first and most important phase of any project. Here, the focus is on the communication of project goals, schedule, audience, budget, established assets, and other issues. We will set up an initial meeting with the goal of establishing a shared vision for the project. From that point on other tools may be used, the Project Planner is designed to help both the client and the team answer questions that may not have been asked. We are always available for questions or general assistance, check the Contact section.

Phase 2: Design and Prototype
In this phase, we begin the process of creating a visual design, establishing interaction design (work flow), producing any story boards (still frames representing animation), and prototyping technical solutions. By the end of this phase, we will have a final visual design and a functional prototype of the project (including the user interface). It is key to freeze the content at this point to avoid delays during the next phase of development.

Phase 3: Production
The Production Phase is where everything comes together. We implement the visual design, program all code (HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, Lingo, Perl, CGI, PHP), and set up the integration with the hardware. This is typically the phase that requires the majority of the project time line.

Phase 4: Testing and QA
TETO - Test Early, Test Often is a favorite saying of ours. That said, Quality Assurance is important enough to get its own phase, maybe two. During this phase we test the function and usability of the project (does it work as defined? does it work when we try to break it? is it intuitive to the majority of users?). We also proofread, double check all graphics, verify the code, and implement any bug fixes.

Phase 5: The Launch
This is it, the phase where the project is released to the public (the world wide web, CD-ROM, Kiosk). Depending on the delivery method, the duration of this phase may vary.

Phase 6: Maintenance and Post-Mortem
Once the project has been launched, we archive and back-up all materials and deliver the assets to the client. We offer maintenance contracts for projects that evolve over time. We also offer client training for any future work on the project (updating news lists, changing contact info, uploading press releases). We take this time to internally review the project and critique our process.