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The downloads section contains screen savers, desktop backgrounds, white papers, Flash open source files, and other stuff. Feel free to download any or all of them for personal use.

Jetkiss Design Desktop
Jetkiss Desktop One 1280x1024

Jetkiss Design Desktop
Jetkiss Desktop Two 1280x1024


This is a list of recommended outside reading. Some of these links will lead you to tutorials, some to editorials, but all of them are worthwhile.

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Pop Up WindowA List Apart : Them Changes :: Helping the designer and client manage "scope creep".

Pop Up WindowA List Apart : Work For Hire (Getting Paid) :: How to answer "How much do you charge for a web site?".

Pop Up WindowCNET : Web Building Clients From Hell :: A humorous look at the difficulties in managing web clients, and solutions to common problems.

Pop Up WindowCNET : Online game makers seek key to profits :: An introduction to various online games and makers; and the economic implications online games may have on the future.

Pop Up WindowCNN Money : Video games as teaching tools? :: Can video games offer an educational experience instead of creating mindless zombies?

Pop Up Window Herman Drost : How To Choose A Web Site Designer :: 11 steps to choosing the right web designer.

Pop Up Window IDGA : Never Ending the Story :: Is it time for new rules about replayability?

Pop Up WindowPlug (the Product) and Play :: The Washington Post takes a good look at advergames.

Pop Up WindowScott Manning : Potential Client Scams :: For the designer, a list of warning signs.

Pop Up WindowScott Manning : How Much Does A Web Site Cost? :: Another good article tackling the age old question.

Pop Up WindowScott Manning : If Architects Had to Work Like Web Designers :: A very witty article from an anonymous writer on the plight of the web designer.

Pop Up WindowTemplate Kit's : Web Contracts & Pricing :: The Golden Rule, and other web business mantras.

Pop Up WindowThe Click That Sticks: Screen Savers :: A screen saver can be a very effective marketing tool. We should know, JetKiss Design specializes in them!

Pop Up WindowWeb Pro News : You Got Game? :: Adgames, Advergames, Advertising in Games, no matter what you call it, games are a great way to communicate your business' message.


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