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Powerfulbones Super Sleuth Game


Switchblade Media came to us with with great characters, a healthy and positive message and an original concept for an educational Flash game. The goal of the project was to promote calcium rich foods and healthy bone building activities to pre-teen kids. They were looking for a group to program the ActionScript, create appropriate sound effects, and to write music that was original and dynamic.


Having never seen a game this rich with detail and levels of action done in Flash before we began by mapping and planning out all aspects of the playability. From those basic outlines we created multiple demos of each kind of interaction (character movement, searching locations, scrolling backgrounds). Those demos helped us finalize every action and reaction in the entire game. We also worked to create sound effects that were fun and cartoonish but that also helped the player understand the environment of the game. The music went through a number of revisions, each better than the previous, until finally hitting upon a bright, funky, toe-tapping song.


Play the game:
pop up iconSuper Sleuth
Supersleuth Character Select

Supersleuth Searching

Supersleuth Mission Point

Supersleuth Jumping
Play the game:
pop up iconSuper Sleuth